3 Series MDO
Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

100 MHz - 1 GHz  | 2 or 4 Channels

Introducing the new intuitive 3 Series MDO scope with out award-winning user interface, the largest HD display in its class and more capabilities, including RF measurements with an optional built-in spectrum analyzer. All without using more bench space.

  • The largest 11.6-inch HD (1920x1080) capacitive touch display
  • Optional 16 digital channels for mixed signal analysis
  • Built-in spectrum analyzer available in 1Ghz or 3Ghz versions
  • Optional built-in function generator
  • Wide range of serial bus decoding and triggering options
  • Less than 6-inches deep on the bench



4 Series MSO
Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

200 MHz - 1.5 GHz  | 4 or 6 Channels

Introducing the new intuitive 4 Series MSO scope with more display, more signals, more resolution and advanced capabilities, built for every engineer for everyday use.

  • The largest 13.3-inch HD (1920x1080) capacitive touch display
  • Up to 6 FlexChannel inputs
  • Optional built-in function generator
  • 12-bit vertical resolution: up to 16 bits in High Res mode
  • Support for over 20 serial bus protocols