Protocol Analyzer

Complete Solution for Physical through Protocol Layer Debug
Tektronix Protocol Analyzers offer support for a broad range of standards that allow engineers
to analyze, stimulate, stress, and characterize their high-speed serial interfaces.
TLA7SA00 Protocol Analyzer Series:
The TLA7SA00 Logic Protocol Analyzer is an innovative approach
to PCI Express validation that spans all layers of the protocol from
the physical layer to the transaction layer. Feature rich software
provides improved information density for viewing statistical
summary and protocol analysis using innovative Transaction and
Summary Profile windows.
TPI4000 Protocol Analyzer Series:
The TPI4000 Series provides multiple test functionality within a
single piece of hardware making it the most versatile serial tester
on the market.


Models in the TLA7SA00 Logic Protocol Analyzer for PCI Express Series:

    Model                    Differential Inputs           Record Length                                                                
    TLA7SA08   8   160M Symbols per Differential Input; 4 GB Physical Memory
    TLA7SA16   16

  160M Symbols per Differential Input; 8 GB Physical Memory
  (16 GB Physical Memory for a x16 Configuration)

Models in the TPI4000 Series:

              Model                     Max Number of Ports         Maximum Data Rate                                                        
    TPI4202   Up to 8 Full Duplex SFP+    Up to 10 Gb/s